Assignment Writing Tips for APA Citation Style

At high school and college level, students are mostly demanded to complete assignment papers, which may comply with APA citation format. To comply with APA citation style isn’t a simple task unless you get to learn proper guidelines, which will serve you as a proper assignment helper. The writers at our custom assignment writing service are experts at all citation styles. In today’s post, we will share a comprehensive guide with you, so that you can master at the skill of writing assignments following APA citation style.

APA Format Manual

APA format is all about following certain rules and regulations suggested for citation, both in-text and reference list, use of quotations, and picking kind of sources whether primary or secondary. In order to provide help to the student, here are the general guidelines for you to format your paper consistently with APA citation style requirements.

Citation and Reference/Bibliography

Professionally, well-written APA citation assignment requires in-text citation incorporated within text given in parenthesis along with author’s name, year and page number if quotation or direct statement is used.

Similarly, referencing requires stating all the details of the sources including:

  • Author’s full name
  • Year
  • Title
  • Publisher
  • Page number
  • City where the source was published

Coming up with the desired APA formatting style needs to format the reference list in alphabetical order where the last name appears first and follows up the initial of first name. Additionally, hanging indent is also important to format the assignment paper in APA style.

Paraphrasing & Quotations

APA citation style demands students to cite differently when paraphrasing or quotations are being used in the text. It is widely suggested not to use many quotations but most of the information should be paraphrased stating the information in students’ own words.

When you are using quotation in the sentence, you must provide an exact location of the source such as page number and URL. However, when paraphrasing the content, it is sufficient to provide the author’s last name with the year.

Primary or Secondary Sources

There is a different pattern for the citation when primary and secondary sources are used. When using secondary information, it is significant to state that this information was cited in other source and vice versa.

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