Marketing content that saves life of the Business Circle

The pervasive usage of information technology and the Internet has entirely improved the communication channels between corporations and clients. Now, from a technical point of view it is easier to attract a potential audience, but from the point of view of competition, it is difficult, because of the variety of communication skills available to all market participants, without exception. In such a situation it is particularly important to create an original and useful content that will attract the user’s attention and increase his loyalty.

Origins, significances and some measurements

The only true and correct marketing tool has always been advertising. With television commercials, online campaigns and advertising campaigns, promotion and contextual advertising, banners, social networking and remarketing for companies that are trying to draw the attention of the potential audience and turn it into real sales. Current advertising opportunities are almost unlimited.

You can clearly identify which segment is the destination of what information the channels it uses, and so on. But despite the variety of features and functions, advertising in recent years has reduced the number of its position. This is due to both the phenomena of crisis cuts and economic budgets, as well as users lethargy compared to traditional types of advertising, and the growing need for public information. This served as a promoter for the expansion of content marketing as an operative advertising tool.

Finding the divergences

At first look, it may appear that content marketing does not differ from the standard and all the usual kinds of advertising. Conversely, this is not the case. The foremost purpose of this advertising model is not to sell the brand, but to create a relationship of trust between the product and the consumer through the support of business assignments.

The corporation has become an associate, consultant, and client at the same time, increasing its acknowledgment and loyalty. Content marketing cannot be insensitive. Investments should be long, but with the right application, the first results will not belong. Content marketing has many obvious advantages. We quote the core ones here below.

  • Profitable to create text or video content for blogs or websites, this will cost the company much cheaper than ordering billboards and advertisements.
  • Improving the position of search results to combat the best search sites, perhaps, will never disappear. Good content and effective tool are needed to improve your reputation in the eyes of search engines as they are, as already mentioned, is more compatible with natural bonds.
  • Strengthening credibility through a useful content site, a blog or a page on the social network indirectly reinforces the brand that allows the public to know that the company and its experts know certain topics well, and so that they can guarantee the high quality of your products or services.
  • Increase medium-term sales, a competent content strategy will improve conversion and will get repeat customers.