Nursing is the foremost key to cure the Patients

Nursing care in obstetrics and gynecology

Obstetrics and gynecology deal with the female reproductive diseases, delivery of newborn and family planning. Medical practitioners work in coordination with the nurses to perform obstetric procedures which can be life taking in some cases.

They assist in procedures such as cesarean section, vacuum deliveries or forceps deliveries. These procedures need skilled nurses. They are trained during their rotations. They are responsible to look after the patients in the post-partum period. Many females suffer from other gynecological issues which increase their need in the setup.

It is their duty to give full time to the patients admitted to the ward. As per studies, there is an increment in elective procedures in last 10 years as compared to the normal deliveries, this ultimately increases the demand for nursing staff to reach the goal of work needed. Patient care is their duty.

Obstetrical nursing and perinatal nursing:

This is considered a subspecialty in nursing who deals with pregnant ladies from the time of conception until the post-partum period. They work in medical centers, private clinics, antenatal setups, post-natal clinics, delivery units and operation theatres under the supervision of medical practitioners and midwives.

They should know how to maintain IV lines and to give medications through it, fatal cardiac assessment, vascular assessment, and neonates resuscitation. There is a certified course by national certification service corporation who provides training and certified course after completing bachelors in nursing in obstetric field.

Role and ethics of nurses:

  • A nurse should be honest and responsible in her work according to her duty time.
  • She should be skilled and it’s her duty to keep her patients secret to herself, she should not publicize her patient’s dignity in front of her relatives or her husband.
  • She should provide a comfortable environment to the patients.
  • She should work according to the instruction of medical practitioner of the patient.
  • She should provide care and conceal the personal details of the patient and fulfill the patient’s needs as per the health requirements.

An affection of Nurse towards the Patient

  • The issue of appropriate watch over the tired at home is of proceeding with significance. Frequently, patients with incessant infections needn’t bother with nursing treatment and day by day restorative supervision so they feel better in a well-known and calm home condition and need, most importantly, mind, the formation of ideal living conditions, cleanliness, help with the organization of their physiological needs.
  • The nursing or caretaker figure is the first and nearest partner doctor so they should precisely satisfy the greater part of his medicines, painstakingly screen the general state of the patient and have adequate information to lead basic strategies and intentionally approach the execution of therapeutic arrangements. This averts difficulties and reduces the misery of the patient.
  • The nursing gives the patient genuine feelings of serenity, don’t illuminate him of any genuine woeful occasions in his family or among the general population around him, don’t imagine, if the course of the sickness declines, deliberately screen his discourse, as patients turn out to be more helpless and defenseless to words. A recklessly said word can convey awesome damage to a patient with a damaged and difficult mind.

Precautions for nurses for providing their Services

However, with relatives and companions, the patient is more impulsive than with medicinal staff, so the nursing requires a ton of continuance and tolerance as explicated in few Nursing assignments too. Requesting the patient to agree to the standards of individual cleanliness, the nurse should likewise completely follow them. Hands are dependably immaculately clean. Before touching the patient, it is better to put on the gloves on hands. While evacuating a bedpan, elastic gloves must be worn as well. Attire supervisor should to dependably be faultless, simple to wear off, and shoes must be light and soft, so as not to exasperate the patient.