The Main Problems of Highly Sensitive People as per Scientific Research

We will talk about those problems, features, advantages that are peculiar to highly sensitive people. And this information is likely to change your life. You will experience relief, which could not be found for many years in therapy, training, spiritual practices, books, and periodically found themselves on the verge of despair or in a deep depression. You realize that you are not alone, that everything is in order with you and high sensitivity can serve for good through Science Assignments. We identified few such problems and you will surely recognize yourself in them if you are a highly sensitive person.

  1. Highly sensitive people are white crows. Most likely you were the child who was different from the others. You were a little shy of other children and did not quite understand how to communicate with them.
  1. Adjust to the world around you. So, you have a feeling inside that you have no right to show yourself to the present. You do not show your true nature, mimicry and pretend that you are just like everyone else. Although inside you know that you are different. And most likely, you live with it all your life. And it hurts to talk about it.
  1. You have problems associated with feelings of guilt. You are afraid to offend and disturb other people, you are uncomfortable to disturb them. You are very sensitive and tactful person. And often, because of this, it is very difficult for you to communicate with people and to manifest yourself as you would like.
  1. Strongly developed ideals. ideas and stereotypes. They are almost always associated with a sense of shame. You have many ideals, concepts to which you must conform. But usually, you do not meet these ideal ideas about yourself. From this, you are very ashamed and hard because you constantly realize that you do not fit the different criteria of an ideal person. Because of this, you also have many difficulties.
  1. Youare subject to someone else’s mood. You are very worried when your loved ones are bad. Your experiences do not allow you to manifest yourself as you would like. Often, when your loved one is ill, you also get sick, you seem to absorb his condition and mood.
  1. You quickly get tired of others and from communicating with them. This problem is very big because it is also peculiar to us. Many people can chat for hours and feel great. We wish you are exhausted much faster, especially if it is empty chatter. Sometimes we meet with people, we communicate with them, and then we realize that we are wildly tired, but it’s inconvenient to leave – the feeling of guilt.
  1. Difficulties with making a decision. You try to avoid mistakes, more than others. You look for many solutions, try to calculate your actions, predict the result. But the problem is that the more options appear, the harder the choice becomes. Therefore, we very often hang in making decisions and we are hindering actions because this concerns not only significant decisions but also simple, everyday ones.
  1. You are heavy with failures, criticism, and negativity. You are like a bare wire. In many respects, this is due to your sense of guilt and a sense of shame. After all, you do not meet your ideas, which have been absorbed since childhood. And it’s hard for you when someone criticizes you and your actions. You can even touch a minimal phrase, comment.