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Transport law demonstrates the legal body which deals with all form of transportation. Laws are derived from federal, state and local sources. This broadly can apply to particular activities at a transport system level. The first thought of transportations is the road vehicles like cars, motorcycles, and trucks. The U.S. Constitution authorizes the Congress with the intention to the interstate the commerce in the transport law field. The right to transport is of great importance in a society that must be guaranteed daily and perfected by the state. Access to transport is fundamental in the social setting, as it relates to various rights that are guaranteed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Federal Constitution of 1988.

As an outcome of the transport law, the federal legislature travel between the states which also govern diverse forms of transportation. In accordance with the Federal Aviation Administration, the transport law is also responsible to administer the air travel which provides certain safety guidelines. The state authorized is to pass the law as well as to generate the administrative agencies which also govern the transportation within the boundaries. There is also equal state with its own variant which employs police forces to monitor the individual’s compliance such as speed limits, rules, and regulation.

Right to transport

The right to transport is called right-way because it influences and affects access to other rights, constituting an element of vital importance; it is to ensure the necessary conditions for a dignified life. For a citizen to have an access to public health, for example, an individual will need to use any means of transport. The same applies to access to education, cultural and leisure centers, freedom to come and go, the workplace, and many other rights that require displacement to be exercised and enjoyed.The right to transport is influenced by the model of the occupation of land, real estate speculation and has a strong impact on issues such as social segregation, use of collective spaces and location of public facilities. Thus, all public policy and all urbanization projects should take into consideration which also provides the understanding on what to do to interfere in the best possible way in the means of movement and displacement of the population.

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