Nursing profession in healthcare

Professionalism is a necessary ingredient in the field of nursing. If a person has professionalism, he or she can achieve healthy work environment. There are goals of the nursing practice which identify the concept of professionalism as guidance that increase the results for patients, nurses, systems, and organizations. Professionalism can identify the attributes and explain the evidence associated with each attribute of professionalism. The nursing profession is an intra-profession challenge. It is an inevitable, varied, dynamic and complex process. There are several methods of nursing professionalization which depends on an evolutionary approach and can be interpreted when the diverse parameters appear in particular context.

Principles of professionalism

The purpose of professionalism in nursing is to understand regarding the attributes, consequences, and antecedents. The education in nursing expands the professional knowledge and seems to get all the necessary aspects of professional understanding in all stages of professionalization. This must be measured by the principles of professionalization at different levels of professional education.

The student needs to understand the basic principles of professional conduct and the reasons that should be prioritized and help in making decisions. Professional ideas, as well as values, create a framework that evaluates the attitudes and influences the behavior of professional clinicians.

Here, we list the five commandments of the ethically correct professional nursing:

  • The ethically correct nursing professional knows how to work effectively;
  • Problems in service planning entail waste of time, raise the cost, demotivate the employee and irritate the patient, so ethically correct nursing professional knows how to plan;
  • The ethically correct nurse enables the entire team to work;
  • The ethically correct professional nursing does not discuss who is the technical implementation of responsibility, but puts the patient first acts;
  • The ethically correct nurse no gloves on and improperly or fail to use them properly when needed.

The patient’s file contains private information and should be saved. Only people directly involved in care may have access to it. Nurses should show some respect for their colleagues at any time and should be loyal to their bosses. They must treat their patients, by the last name, out of respect. This also shows that they should never use aliases, diseases or room number to refer to patients.

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