Decisiveness is the one word that makes a good manager

Human resource explains the wide policies and procedures of the company like recruitment and compensation policies that also ensure fairness and internal equity. The business partners shares the responsibility for the deliverables with the internal clients in the area of training and development. The responsibilities of HR manager are to conduct the recruitments showing good faith efforts and specific provisions in order to fill bargaining unit positions in the organization. The duties of the manager in human resource are to ensure the understanding of collective bargaining agreements as well as process the final offers in order to finalize the recruitment.

Broad vision on responsibilities of HR manager

Student need to understand the responsibilities and duties of HR manager who sets realistic plans and timelines for introduction of new HR procedures and policies. Manager hires new employees for the clients and runs the internal management programs with the intention to build succession plans in the organization. They also elaborate the processes for employees to ask honest and open questions as well as manages the performance appraisals. According to the researchers, HR managers lead the nomination process for talent and succession and have functional and strategic duties and responsibilities for all the human resource disciplines.

Student must be aware of the responsibilities of HR manager that observe assessments and determine when training is essential and which kind of training can improve the productivity and performance of an employee. Human resource managers examine performance of employees and record their weak areas that could recover through job skills training. They are liable for progression planning and practice their understanding regarding development of employee, future business needs and training in order to devise career tracks for their workers.

Measuring the value of HR manager

The responsibility for HR manager is to grow strategic solutions in order to meet the workforce labor and demand force trends. They rule the selection and recruitment processes and is mainly liable for decisions associated to corporate branding. Managers are responsible for compensation and benefits so that they can easily find the way to appeal highly qualified applicants. Some managers perform the departments function with the intention to work with the HR assistant that grips managerial matters. They should have the skills to perform every HR function.

Students are required to understand that managers are also accountable for health, welfare and safety of all employees as they are involved with training and career development, disciplinary and grievance issues, industrial relations, employee relations, compliance, employment law, redundancies etc. The work activities of HR manager include developing the strategic planning with line managers by measuring the long-term and immediate staff requirements. They also shortlist the applicants for interview by employing the variety of selection techniques as well as taking test of shortlisted candidates.